Bust it baby TV?

soo... it seems like everyone and there mom can get a reality show now-a-days.
Even Plies. He's going to have a reality show to find his as one of the girl says "cum buddy" or, a BUST IT BABYYYY.


Ask Weezy F.Baby

was searching through the web, stumbled apon these.

Ne-yo Raps?

wow. I dont know what to think. Is it even considered rapping... kinda sounds like he's singing/talking.

im not a player, i just fuck alot.

PLAYERS. I'm so sick of them. Honestly, what does it take to find a good man? Because lately I truly think they are all the same. They all want SEX. True shit. && If you say no too sex, they out the door. If you say yes, once you wave that pregnancy wand - they out the door. This really doesn't have to do with me. But with my bestfriend. Okay, so today I'm on Facebook Im. And this boy I met because of my bestfriend, it was her ex like a long ass time ago. But recently they've hooked up. Well he's talking to me about summer and shit. Dull conversation. && He brings up this boy we both know, thats tryna get at me. He asks if i like him and Im an honest person. I dont care if they are friends. So I said how i felt, no i dont like the kid. And this boy has the nerve to say "well theres me you know" I'm like, is this boy THAT desperate? So I started laughing and said "your my bestfriends ex" && he brang up how she has a bf. and whatnot. Basically, this boy is currently trying to talk to my bestfriend and hes spittin whack ass lines tryna get in my pants. Im like seriously? Why must guys have no damn respect for a female? And for theirselves. Ever heard of fucking AIDS? Damn. Boys are dirty as shit these days && will do anything for some pussy. But back to my main problem. PLAYERS. So yes, theirs been times ive played the fool. && Their probably will be more times. But what I want to know is WHY? Why do guys have to play someone? Cheating? What do you get out of it? Like be foreal. Eventually, your going to get caught. And possibly lose bOth chicks. So was it worth it? Why can't guys just mature and be comitted to one chick? i'll tell you why. Because their EGO. that 3 letter word is what causes such asses. You know what I want? I want to meet someone whos heart surpasses their ego. Find me that person.