A look in the Mirror...

" Who Are You To Judge The Life I Live Before You Point Fingers Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean" - Bob Marley

"Fame Is Like Cigarettes With No Surgeon General Warning. It Destroys People. We Exploit ourselves and Eat our Own Ego's Til Theres Nothing Left." - Kanye West

I havent been on this blog in a Long time, I guess Because My life has been changing constantly. I havent really had the time to Sit down and think about whats going on. I always say, that every year, I get Better. and that Is true. Every year I grow as a person, I change. People dont like that sometimes, But i always think I change for the best. And today seems to be one of those days, where I realized i have changed from last summer, to this summer.

Last Summer, Going into Highschool I was living the GOOD life. Everyone knew who I was, I felt like I was the BADDEST bitch walking. I had a boyfriend who I care about deeply, and I had hoped would never hurt me. Yet, I hurt every guy that tried to tlk to me, and I led them on. I had a cocky " im better then you, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, so get over it" attitude. I felt like i was UNtouchable. I came into highschool not caring if I made friends, because I already had like 1,000. Or so I thought. Basically, I was a total BITCH. I knew i was a bitch, and I thought it was a good thing. Wow, How things have changed.

Recently, Ive been Caught talking about certain people that have been acting "brand new". I claim that they are rude to me, and I basically "made them" I know thats a Cocky thing to say, but I dont know any other way to say it. Basically, It upsets me that certain people are rude to me, and try to put me down, in front of the people that I introduced them to, the "Hip" people, or whatever they are. I feel like "you wouldn't even know these people if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have the 'fame' you have, if i was never in the picture, so why put ME down? " I guess it upsets me when people forget where they came from, when they forget the people that got them there.

Which is why this is titled a Look in the Mirror. Because now that I look in the mirror, I realize. The things I claim i Hate, I do. Last summer, I let people sice my head to the extreme. I let the little local fame that I have get the best of me. I forgot about certain people that were there all along, I thought i was too good for anyone.

I have Learned. Fame Destroys People. Up until today, Recently Ive Hated who I have become. I felt like, I lost all my friends, while gaining "fans". People are probably reading this like "who does this girl think she is, beyonce?" no. its nothing like that. This isnt meant to be anything Concieted. It's a New beginning.

a New Beginning, a new chapter in my life.
Ive realized that I no longer take people for granted. And I need to stop judging others, for things that I do too. I Need to stop pointing fingers. I currently feel as if I have no REAL friends, except for my two bestfriends. and Im fine with that, because i dont trust people anyways. But at the same time, I get reallyyy lonely. But I have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to be true. Im no longer holding grudges, and im accepting that I cannot change everything. But I can try.
Nobody is perfect, but Im working on being the best that I can be.

I really want that Prayer Tattooed on me ;; But I want it in a different spot, not my ribs. I just think this one is really beautiful.


You cant always get what you want...

But you can try...
I learned that even if it hurts to do something, or if you fail. Just Try. There is no shame in trying. Regardless of the situation, if u try people will realize you care. In times of sadness, surround yourself with happiness. I love my friends truly. As I was emotionally confused this weekend, my friends were by my side to cheer me up or talk it out. Eating ice cream and cracking jokes, seemed to make it all better. but my emotions were there. Finally, I let it out. Talked it over. Came to an agreement. I know were not where i want us to be, but as long as he is in my life then im fine. Thats all I need. My friends to make it better.


Hey Pussayyy

Sooo;; My Kitty Is Cute Right? Lol, I was Havin myself a Photoshoot and She was in the area. Decided to wake her up and Snap some shots.. she wasnt so happy. Lol. her fat ass! Well I love her pussayyy ass.


Gimmie These NOW

So, Anyone wanna give me a LATEEEE but still wanted birthday present? You could give me $130 cash so I can go cop these before they sell out. Ughhh, Ive always wanted a pair of Dr.Martens but I want a pair that not everyone has like the pink and the yellow ones. I want THESE floral ones. Smh. if onlyyyy, I had a fuckin JOB!

Please Excuse my Ego

I have a big Ego, A Really BIG one.
I do what I do, and I do it well.
I never listen to anyone, I do my own thang.
So this weekend, I shaved half of my head.
Everyone thinks im Crazy... Well Maybe.
Or maybe its just my Ego. Speaking of Ego..
Me and my friends, WE are EGOtistical..
Check out our new blog...




I remember listening to Wale wayyyy back, listening to Ice Cream, Breakdown, mannn back when Wale was Gogo. Wale Put DMV on the map! People used to be fakinn on him aroudn the way. tlkin bout he whack and shit. Fuck that. He big. He international. thats wassup. I give him props. I met him once, I cant find the fuckin picture on my computer. But i met him at a teen club called emporio. its a Picture of me, him, and rich boy. They both preformed that night and I had V.I.P. He was real chill. and now, he bouta be big as shit. Thanks Wale. DC On the Map. finally got a voice out there.

Hot Mess.

Babygirl; I love you and all. your music is bomb. but this hair.. GOTS to goo...



Not So LIL anymore...

Wow, I remember a couple years ago singing "I said lil' Bow Wow You just don't know The way you move so fast across the floor I mean you run through my mind like all the time To the point that I just wanna take ya home" Lil bow wow aint so Lil Anymore. I mean. I know he dropped the Lil, and is Jus Bow Wow. and His other songs lately have been mature. But his new album.. is REAL mature. Heres his latest video.. P.S. He really grown if he got a pole in his basement. lls.



people be tlkin bout how much Ive changed. Truth is; I grew up. Ive realized not everyone is my Friend. Ive stopped letting people take advantage of me. I stopped giving a fuck about what someone says. I moved on. New chapter of life. I hate that people complain that im a Bitch now. Wanna know why im a Heartless bitch? Cuz when I trust someone, they do some shit to lose my trust. When Im in a realationship or tlkin to someone, as soon as I DROP the game, They Run game on me. Fuck that, no more of that. I dont give a fuck about YOU, or how YOU feel. Im not worried bout those who chose to leave my life because life is too short to chase the past. I cant change it. so Move on. Accept that im not rude, but i wont let you run over me. Realize, that I am my own bestfriend. I dont NEED you. So dont act like I do.