people be tlkin bout how much Ive changed. Truth is; I grew up. Ive realized not everyone is my Friend. Ive stopped letting people take advantage of me. I stopped giving a fuck about what someone says. I moved on. New chapter of life. I hate that people complain that im a Bitch now. Wanna know why im a Heartless bitch? Cuz when I trust someone, they do some shit to lose my trust. When Im in a realationship or tlkin to someone, as soon as I DROP the game, They Run game on me. Fuck that, no more of that. I dont give a fuck about YOU, or how YOU feel. Im not worried bout those who chose to leave my life because life is too short to chase the past. I cant change it. so Move on. Accept that im not rude, but i wont let you run over me. Realize, that I am my own bestfriend. I dont NEED you. So dont act like I do.

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