Curiosity Killed the Cat

Have you ever been in the situation Where you had the oppertunity to find out the truth about everything. Where you could hear it all, no limits, no sensoring it, just the truth. straight up. bluntly. and once you took that chance, you found out the main things you didnt wanna know? It's like, you go into the situation hoping the truth is everything you think it is, great, and everything is fantastic. But really, it's everything you thought it could never be. My bestfriend recently had the chance to find out the truth about her boyfriend, he gave her his myspace Password. I honestly Hate myspace. It ruins realationships. I dont want any of my boyfriends passwords. Because every single one that I had, It ruined it. She read things thinking it would be nothing, But she found out the truth. She learned what she never wanted to know. Her curiosity killed it. Same with me. I recently had the chance to find out the truth of whats going on with the boy I like. I heard his whole conversation without him knowing I was listening. I regret it. I wish I didnt answer the phone. I wish I didnt Hear that. I wish I didnt find out, What now I already know. Cuz Now I cant look at him the same, Now im always going to think that shit. Everything he said is going to continue to run through my head. Im going to look at him differntly, im going to judge him. Im going to be angry with him and I cant tell him why. my curiosity just killed our future. So maybe this is a lesson learned, some things are better left unknown.

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