I need a Vacation...

I really want to get away. Im tired of the same thing. I need something new in my life.
I grew up moving every year. Now, ive lived in the same area for 5 years. I need change. I want to start over, where nobody knows my name. I want a new life. Where I live, Im famous. No cockyness. People think its so wonderful to be popular. Its not. I wish I had some privacy. Everything I do, people have something to say. Every boy I like... People make him hate me. Haters, are my Motivators. But at the same time, It gets stressful. Im sick of everyone knowing of me. Im sick of everyone thinking they know ME. Id rather have no friends. Actually, I have no friends. I have my 3 bestfriends, and a million of associates. I need to move to a city. Where its so busy that I'll just be another face in the crowd. Where If I take a picture with someone, they wont assume thats my boyfriend. I want to get away, to a place somewhere new. So I can start over. Learn from my mistakes. Where I can realize, Id rather be nameless then to live the life of Fame.

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