Game Recognize Game

this aint directed to nobody, since some of yall be clockin my shit. jus feelin myself, feelin somethin like a BITCH.

second chances they dont matta, people never change.
Game Recognize Game, Yes Niggas; I play the game
i never been the type of bitch to mess with someone elses mess
all that extra baggage shit, fuck that Ill fall back, to the left let me step.
and when you realize im everything u need, go ahead and call back.
cuz every thug need a bitch like me; yea i got all that.
I hold a nigga down, let him run around town, as long as he dont come home wit fleas
cuz everybody know, when he done, he gon run back to ME.

Hahahaha;; Off to listen to some Nicki Minaj & Trina - My bitchessss!

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lee woo said...

Imagine how I feel to watch another nigga at the top. You know that if it wasn't you, you would be dissin' you. See the link below for more info.