people be tlkin bout how much Ive changed. Truth is; I grew up. Ive realized not everyone is my Friend. Ive stopped letting people take advantage of me. I stopped giving a fuck about what someone says. I moved on. New chapter of life. I hate that people complain that im a Bitch now. Wanna know why im a Heartless bitch? Cuz when I trust someone, they do some shit to lose my trust. When Im in a realationship or tlkin to someone, as soon as I DROP the game, They Run game on me. Fuck that, no more of that. I dont give a fuck about YOU, or how YOU feel. Im not worried bout those who chose to leave my life because life is too short to chase the past. I cant change it. so Move on. Accept that im not rude, but i wont let you run over me. Realize, that I am my own bestfriend. I dont NEED you. So dont act like I do.


When the lights dont blow the same way that they used too...

... And I finally get a moment to myself.

These past few days.. Hm. Drama. I really dont have time for that. When your forced to stand alone, you realize what you really have in you. I wonder if certain decisions are worth it? I wonder why people do the things they do? But lately, ive been thinking about me. I need to stop trying to make everyone else happy. If I am not happy, If I do not love myself, then I cannot love someone else. So, im taking a break from alot of people, alot of drama, alot of.. shit. And Focusing on me, my life, and my family. Because when it comes down to it.. you, are your own bestfriend.


Throw it in The bag...

Game Recognize Game

this aint directed to nobody, since some of yall be clockin my shit. jus feelin myself, feelin somethin like a BITCH.

second chances they dont matta, people never change.
Game Recognize Game, Yes Niggas; I play the game
i never been the type of bitch to mess with someone elses mess
all that extra baggage shit, fuck that Ill fall back, to the left let me step.
and when you realize im everything u need, go ahead and call back.
cuz every thug need a bitch like me; yea i got all that.
I hold a nigga down, let him run around town, as long as he dont come home wit fleas
cuz everybody know, when he done, he gon run back to ME.

Hahahaha;; Off to listen to some Nicki Minaj & Trina - My bitchessss!


Curiosity Killed the Cat

Have you ever been in the situation Where you had the oppertunity to find out the truth about everything. Where you could hear it all, no limits, no sensoring it, just the truth. straight up. bluntly. and once you took that chance, you found out the main things you didnt wanna know? It's like, you go into the situation hoping the truth is everything you think it is, great, and everything is fantastic. But really, it's everything you thought it could never be. My bestfriend recently had the chance to find out the truth about her boyfriend, he gave her his myspace Password. I honestly Hate myspace. It ruins realationships. I dont want any of my boyfriends passwords. Because every single one that I had, It ruined it. She read things thinking it would be nothing, But she found out the truth. She learned what she never wanted to know. Her curiosity killed it. Same with me. I recently had the chance to find out the truth of whats going on with the boy I like. I heard his whole conversation without him knowing I was listening. I regret it. I wish I didnt answer the phone. I wish I didnt Hear that. I wish I didnt find out, What now I already know. Cuz Now I cant look at him the same, Now im always going to think that shit. Everything he said is going to continue to run through my head. Im going to look at him differntly, im going to judge him. Im going to be angry with him and I cant tell him why. my curiosity just killed our future. So maybe this is a lesson learned, some things are better left unknown.


Akon, Inspiration?

Idk why or how THIS song inspires me. But after watching this video, It made me want to go do my project, Made me want to get off facebook.. get my grades up. Start sketching more designs. It made me want to chase my dreams again


I need a Vacation...

I really want to get away. Im tired of the same thing. I need something new in my life.
I grew up moving every year. Now, ive lived in the same area for 5 years. I need change. I want to start over, where nobody knows my name. I want a new life. Where I live, Im famous. No cockyness. People think its so wonderful to be popular. Its not. I wish I had some privacy. Everything I do, people have something to say. Every boy I like... People make him hate me. Haters, are my Motivators. But at the same time, It gets stressful. Im sick of everyone knowing of me. Im sick of everyone thinking they know ME. Id rather have no friends. Actually, I have no friends. I have my 3 bestfriends, and a million of associates. I need to move to a city. Where its so busy that I'll just be another face in the crowd. Where If I take a picture with someone, they wont assume thats my boyfriend. I want to get away, to a place somewhere new. So I can start over. Learn from my mistakes. Where I can realize, Id rather be nameless then to live the life of Fame.

Creativity Is Murder.

And Asher Roth Murdered This. So DOPE.


Day N Night.

D Sharp did A Cover To Day N' Night. This is So Sick. Really Dope. Had to share it. But learn to pronounce his name. Kid Cudi.



I can sit here and write about this for HOURS. Trust is something that is hard for me. Ive learned the only person you can truly trust is yourself. A while back this song hit me hard, the video is okay. They could have done better. But the song will always have a spot in my heart. A while back in my past realationship. All I wanted was for him to trust me, Everything I did was so he could trust me. And in the end I realized, he trusted me too much. He trusted me to always be there, no matter what he did. He cheated on me, and played me. Instead of trying to get him to trust me, I should have been questioning if I really Trusted him. But here you go, Keyshia Cole - Trust.


This Track is Really Old, and So is the Drake Freestyle. So all they really did was put two and two together and make a video like 3 years late? ohkayyy. well the video is still hot.


Da Boss!

Q's Family

Que takes everybody on a look at his “reality”,
where his Mom & sister have a lil’ disagreement.
LMFAO @ Que laughing right in front of their face smh.

Nike Air Yeezys

Oh, Don't we All Just Wish we could Afford a Pair Of Em? If we weren't in a recession then I'd deffinitely spend a stack on them. But, Life is tough sometimes.

Shes Badddddd!

this girl is Badddddddd! Her new album Epiphany is HOT!
So, im at home Sick from school for like the 3rd day?
and Her new video comes on TV. "What you Do - Ft Kanye"
As im watching im thinking, Where do I know that Voice from?
Then I get on my itunes and see its the same girl that sings
"love is you" and "Epiphany" two songs that Really Hit the Spot.
So I google her, and Listen to the rest of her songs, This girl is Badddd!
Every song she has I can relate to in Some way.
She's about to Blow up, I can tell.
Do not sleep on her!

Dont Make Me Cause a Scene

Teairra Mari's New Single?
I actually Like it...Should we expect a Comeback? Not with that flo-rida Feature. But the song is actually Good, And she looks good in the video. Be on the lookout for her new album that should be out this year.


To Wake Up in Paris

standing still ; but the worlds still spinning.
knowing what you want ; questions still existing.
wanting to get away ; with nowhere to go.
all thats left is the missing pieces.
throw it away or should we keep it?
asking yourself ; what am i living for.
same old same is getting bored.
wanting a chance but will not take it.
ready for a new beginning
looking back on it all ; wondering which choice was wrong.
one life is all we got - can we make it.
will she succeed, or die n a m e l e s s.