I DONT want to be the next model.

Okay so one of my friends on myspace recently brang this thought up in my head.
Why does every female now-a-days want to be a model? Like foreal. Recently seems like every female tryna be a model, and im wondering what happend to woman who was a PROFESSIONAL business? Like a lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, astronaut, the next president, etc, etc. When I was little and we had career day, everyone wanted to be something different. Right now, im at work. && I currently work a daycare/summer camp with kids ranging between ages 2-12. The girls here see me on my laptop, on myspace or facebook and as i go through online friends they say "shes pretty!" , "ew, big head" , "she pretty but fat". Like really, is everything now in 08 about looks? This was really bothering me, that everyone just cares about looks. Like how many TOP models can their be? the more models, the less money each one makes. Looks get you places, but they dont get you everywhere sweetheart. So, i decided to take a poll and see how many girls here at this summer camp mention being a model. I asked every girl here thats 5 or older, which is 18 girls. What 3 things do they want to be when they grow up. Sadly enough to say, only 6 girls didnt mention being a model. This disappoints me really, what every happened to women wanting a real, regular, feasible job? So, anyone out their not wanna be a model?

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