So, Right Now go watch "What About Now" - Daughtry's most recent music video. I would put the Video here, but currently on youtube its blocking it.
This video almost brought me to tears. It's one of the realest songs/videos these day
It opened my eyes, I mean, I know whats going on in the world, like hunger, poverty, darfur, etc. But I never realized I could do something about it. I always thought im just ONE person. What could ONE person do. But really, all it takes is one person. By me writing this blog, im spreading the word. Atleast ONE person is going to go watch that video and it will impact them. They Will then go tell somene else. All it takes is one person to spread the word. Lately people in the united states are all about thereself. I have friends who don't even know what Darfur is. Friends who are ignorant, they think because it doesnt effect us directly, that we shouldn't do anything about it! Half of my friends, DONT like water. They refuse to drink it They complain it taste nasty. When there are children in other countries who dont have such a thing as CLEAN water. Nearly 1.1 billion people in the world do not have CLEAN water to drink.

Imagine how nasty THAT tastes?Im not going to sit here and ramble on. But this world, its OUR world. We make it what we want it. The future depends on us. We cant depend on the adults to do everything, they arent going to do something if we dont ask for it! EveryONE person can make a difference.

Want to get involved ?? Here's one site I personally think is really good.

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Whitney said...

omg this is so sad! I want to help